Hosted Policy Admin System for MGAs and Insurers.

  • Rating Engine

  • Policy Issuance

  • Automated Renewals

  • Claims Administration

  • Billing & Accounting

Portal Pro

Agent, Insured, and Carrier Portals for automation & convenience.

  • Online Quoting

  • Binding & Issuance

  • Built-in Underwriting Rules

  • Payment Gateways

  • Reporting

Data Plus

Easy to use ad hoc reporting for the everyday user.

  • Customizable Reports

  • Automated Emailer

  • Charts & Stories

  • Exportable to Excel

API Connect

APIs to connect your websites, vendors, & homegrown systems.

  • Connect to Verity PAS

  • Read & Write Capabilities

  • Integrate Existing Systems

  • Dozens of APIs.

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VRC Insurance Systems has been providing insurance solutions since 1986.

Property & Casualty insurance provides everyone the opportunity to start a business, buy a house, or drive a car.  We are honored to have serviced the industry for more than 30 years.

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CEO, VRC Insurance Systems

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Extensive range of specialty and niche industry practices.

Software hosting, custom development, integrations, and conversion services are a few of the areas we excel.

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